A witty game that'll make you hoot, holler & giggle.

At a glance.

Grab your other half or friends and share a bundle of laughs while recklessly challenging how well you know each other. It's that simple!

Reckless Together is a question/answer card game that was created by a tired new parent who wants to help busy people genuinely connect with a whole lot of laughter. Think date night with giggling and inside jokes instead of a screen.

  • Ask & Answer.

    It's that simple. Plus a few rules, time crunch, and the other player ruthlessly rating your answers.

  • You.. what!?

    Solve a ridiculous scenario on every card and challenge how well you know each other.

  • Free from distractions.

    Life's a lot. Reckless Together is an excuse to press pause on the chaos and laugh together.

Hoot, holler & giggle.

That's what we're about.

Bringing people together and building connections with a whole lot of laughter. It sounds simple, and it is. We've created a game that prompts the kind of belly laughs that hurt your ribs. And brings people closer with next level inside jokes. We hope that you feel a little more human after playing.

A little more reckless. And a little more together.

So far.

Reckless Together started crashing date nights in mid-2023. It’s 2024 and we’re on version three. The game has been refined by you the players. That’s how we know we’re onto a good thing.

The early version had vague prompts that required players to be very creative. Players loved it and came up with some wild answers, but they were also tired because life's busy and asked us to help with more specific scenarios to apply their answers to.

So, we wrote a bunch. And they’re ridiculous. The kind of scenarios we think you would have come up with mid-sugar rush after a couple of drinks on date night. All that's left for you to do now is play and laugh... and laugh... and laugh.

Would they dive on a spider like it’s a grenade to protect you?

It's about time you found out.